Monday, September 21, 2015

Aldi Eats: Pad Thai Style Pasta

Last week I made this Pad Thai Style Pasta recipe straight from Aldi's website. I really liked how it turned out! My husband, who is a Thai food fan, enjoyed it too. We had no left overs, which is also a good sign. Technically this post should be titled "almost" Aldi Eats, since I didn't use all of their ingredients. I needed to use up what I had on hand in the pantry and fridge. Honestly, the dish probably would have been BETTER using their shrimp, as I had small, pre-cooked frozen shrimp. The recipe calls for their medium easy peel raw shrimp--which I've used before from Aldi and they are delicious! I still wanted to share this recipe, though, because it was a winner in my book and since it's on their website you should have no problem finding the ingredients. One other quick note, I'm learning that the earlier in the day you shop at Aldi the better! By the time I stopped by the store they had sold out of their green onions. Lesson learned.

I didn't have to buy much for this recipe since I already had the following on hand: shrimp, cabbage, soy sauce, chili sauce, minced garlic, brown sugar, lime juice, sriracha sauce, eggs, and red pepper. Here's what I picked up for just over $9. If I had needed the shrimp, it would have cost an additional $6.

 The meal came together in 30 minutes...

Go Aldi's Test Kitchen!  We approve! :)

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