Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Style Challenge

As a Mom of three and, ahem, not 18 anymore it's hard to keep up with fashion trends, let alone look and feel put together most days.  About a year or so ago, I stumbled across Alison's blog, Get Your Pretty On, and was inspired to try her style challenges.   How it works is really simple.  Once you register, Alison sends out a shopping list of items you'll need for the challenge. Most of it consists of great basic pieces along with some on-trend items.  I always try to shop my closet first and then fill in the blanks with affordable options from places like Ross, Old Navy, and Gordmans.  Shortly after the list is sent out, the daily outfits begin and continue for 21 days using the clothing, shoes, and accessories on the list.  It's pretty helpful to wake up each day knowing what you're going to wear and have the confidence that someone who's done their homework on what's going on in the fashion world has pieced your outfit together.

Speaking of boosting confidence, another fun part of taking part in the challenge is the private Facebook group that you can join once you sign up.  Being part of that group of ladies is extremely encouraging. We share selfies with each other (that was out of my comfort zone!), to share our interpretation of the outfit of the day.  Seriously, that group helped this Momma get her fashion groove back and so much more! Registration for the Fall Fashion Challenge kicks off today... I'm looking forward to seeing what's on the list this time around!  Below is a look at one of the outfits from the Spring challenge this year.  If you're looking for some motivation in the fashion department and want to feel put together without having to think much about it, a style challenge might be right for you!

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