Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aldi Eats: Pasta Carbonara

Feeding a family of five adds up quickly.  That's why I love shopping at Aldi.  I can't get over the low prices and money I save! Maybe you've tried Aldi, but don't shop there consistently because of the limited selection.  That's where I hope the Aldi Eats series will help.  It features recipes I've tried using ingredients I purchased at Aldi. 

Tonight I made our family The Pioneer Woman's Pasta Carbonara recipe.   (I have yet to try a Pioneer Woman's recipe that I don't like.)  Here's what I purchased at Aldi to make it happen:  ( I had the eggs and minced garlic on hand) It all cost about $17...  I can't feed my family of five drive thru McDonalds cheaper than $20!   Not to mention I have half of the yummy thick cut bacon, and plenty of the Parmesan cheese (grated and shredded), onions (I bought a bag) and heavy whipping cream left for other meals.  And, we had enough left overs for two adult lunch servings.  I'm happy with that! :)

The result:  Amazing!  My hubby made more than one comment about how much he enjoyed it and all three kiddos really like it, too.  I would have been happy if I ordered it at a restaurant. Winner, winner Pasta Carbonara dinner!

Here's a link to the recipe:



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